Affording Loop

We know that travel abroad is a big investment. We do our best each and every day to make our programs worth every cent that they cost.

All Inclusive
We are proud that, with the exception of international airfare, our high school and college trips are all-inclusive. Unlike other all-inclusive trips that offer paid “add-ons” that are advertised as part of their itinerary and have numerous hidden fees, our tuition covers everything except airfare. All activities. All materials. All meals. All housing. Everything. Students could arrive with no spending money and participate fully in every aspect of the program.

Please note that our Vet School Veterinary Service and Young Adult Veterinary Service trips do not include all evening meals and weekend activities. See itineraries for details.

Spending Money
Most students bring spending money for things such as snacks, sodas and smoothies, souvenirs, market shopping, and postcards home. The typical Loop Abroad student spends about $240/program on extras such as these, as there are ample opportunities to buy affordable and unique souvenirs. Many students spend more than they originally plan to spend, but most of them report that this is because they want to buy more souvenirs than they thought, not because things are more expensive than they thought.

It is easy to exchange US dollars or withdraw money from an ATM checking account in Chiang Mai, as there are exchange windows and ATMs at the airport and throughout the city.

Payment Dates
Once a student is accepted into a Loop Abroad program, he or she will receive information on how to pay the $1,000 deposit. This portion of the tuition, once paid, will hold the students spot in the program, and is non-refundable.

The remaining tuition is due before departure. We are more than happy to work with students and their families to create interest-free payment plans that break up the tuition into monthly installments. We are also able to be flexible on payment dates by individual arrangement.

Morgan teaching English in Hoi YaPaying for Flights
We fly as a supervised group from New York. Loop Abroad arranges a group flight for its students, and then notifies students and their families that the flight has been reserved. Students purchase their flight directly from the airline. This helps us to offer you the best flight possible at the lowest price possible. There is Loop Abroad staff on each group flight for high school students. There is Loop Abroad staff at the departure airport for all groups, helping students to meet one another, check in for the flight, and have a plan for their journey, from which Loop Abroad staff will pick them up when they arrive at their destination airport.

Financial Aid and Fundraising
Loop Abroad offers need-based financial aid for many of its programs. Students can apply for financial aid when they apply for admission, and they will be notified of their financial aid award when they receive their notice of admission. All financial aid is given as a discount on tuition. This way, they are able to know their tuition cost before they commit to the program.

The maximum financial aid award available to any one student is $1,000 (in addition to any promotions). Those with a family income under $100,000 are welcome to apply for financial aid. If you have an income over $100,000, but you believe that special circumstances should make you eligible for aid, please send us an email.

In addition, we encourage students to fundraise toward their tuition. Many of our students fundraise for part or even all of their tuition. We provide a free fundraising guide to help them do so, and we’re almost more than happy to give fundraising advice and assistance. Overall, we hope that students will reach out to us when the cost of our program puts it out of reach, and we’ll do whatever we can to help.

Incentives and Rewards
Occasionally, Loop Abroad offers incentives for applying or special rewards for admitted students. We encourage students to follow us on Facebook for notice of such special offers.

All admitted students can earn $100 by referring a friend who attends a Loop Abroad program. In addition, we can arrange special discounts for students who arrange for a group of friends to travel together. If your child is interested in recruiting a group of students to attend a Loop Abroad program, please reach out to us about our group rewards.