Animal Use Statement

Animal Use

Healthy animals are used for teaching examination, restraint and medication techniques. Students, under supervision of a veterinarian, are also taught to perform common animal husbandry procedures, some of which are invasive. Owners’ consent is given before any animal is treated by our veterinarians with student assistance.

Clinical Procedures Training

During our courses, students observe and learn to perform a wide variety of procedures that are either part of normal animal husbandry or are necessary to prevent, diagnose, and treat disease in a wide variety of domestic, farm and wildlife species.
In some cases, the procedures are part of the normal physical exam, palpation, and restraint of the species. In other cases, healthy animals are used to practice techniques such as blood draws or catheter insertions under the supervision of a veterinarian. In no case are healthy animals sacrificed or subject to major invasive techniques to teach these procedures.


Dissections are valuable for learning anatomy. Our semester program includes a cat dissection and a shark dissection. These specimens are ordered from a scientific supply company for the purpose of dissection. Students are permitted to opt-out of the physical dissection for ethical reasons and instead perform their dissection lab via computer software and complete equivalent coursework to demonstrate their understanding.