Apply for VSA

If you're considering the 14-week Veterinary Semester Abroad, let us know you're interested!

Note: if you're applying for one of our 2-week summer programs, please apply here.

We understand studying abroad is a big decision -- we'll walk you through every step. We can help you figure out if it's a good fit and how research, internship, and course credit as well as financial aid would work for you.

Once you're ready to apply, please complete all three steps below.

1) Check that you will meet these pre-requisites by the start of  the program:

Eighteen years or older
High School diploma or equivalent
College-level Biology or equivalent (AP/IB Biology scores can qualify)
Rabies vaccination
Passport valid for 6 months from the start of the program
Healthy enough to travel and work outside in hot, humid climate

2) If you haven't attended a Loop Abroad program in the past, complete the application for admission.

We require that one or both of your references be able to speak to your animal and/or science abilities.
If you have attended one of our programs in the past, please contact us to find out what parts of your file you need to update so we can consider you for the semester program. You will definitely need to submit the materials in step 3.

3) All applicants should email to

Your resume (highlighting any animal or science qualifications)
Record of your Biology course requirement. If your Biology course is not on the transcript you sent with your application, please send a separate record of this course. For example, if you are using an AP/IB course requirement, send us your AP/IB score sheet. If you took a Biology course at a community college or at a university that is not your current school, then please send us that transcript. Note: If you have not completed your Biology requirement yet, please contact us and we can suggest resources to help you meet this requirement by the beginning of your program start date.

Questions at any time? Call (617) 412-0838 or send us a message.