Country Director

Taylor Cantril

Taylor feels at home when he’s on the move. He grew up in Kansas, studied in Indiana, traveled Europe, and is now Loop's Country Director for Thailand.

As an Ecology and Society major at DePauw University, he committed himself to making his campus and state more sustainable. He helped start its Office for Sustainability, complete its first greenhouse gas inventory, and pass a new law on state energy policy.

Through his studies, he spent a semester in Thailand learning the language and exploring how farming and fishing communities manage their resources in changing landscapes. That’s when his understanding of the world got turned upside down.

He later returned to Thailand to spend three years guiding university students through the experiences of curiosity, wonder, and growth that were so transformative for him.

Whether guiding snorkel trips to island reefs, counting grass bundles for an elephant nutrition study, or helping translate between American students and Thai vets -- he thrives on creating experiences where students can see people, places, and animals with new eyes.

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