Elephant Bonus Week

Want more elephant time? You got more elephant time!

This Bonus Week is only available to students who are enrolled in and linking it to a two-week Loop Abroad program.

The Elephant Bonus Week does not qualify for a 10% tuition reduction when added to a program. Financial aid is not available for the Elephant Bonus Week.

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Tuition: $800 USD. Linking the Elephant Bonus Week with a program will not increase airfare.

Requirements: Must be enrolled in a Loop Abroad 2-week program.

2017 Dates: July 31 - August 7 OR August 14 - August 21.

Elephant Bonus Week can be linked seamlessly with any two-week program taking place on the following dates: July 15 - July 31 OR July 29 - August 14. You will return to the US on the final date of the Elephant Bonus Week.

Animal Experience Hours (for vet school applications): 40

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Itinerary: Want more elephant time? You got more elephant time! In this Bonus Week, you live at the Elephant Nature Park as a volunteer for the week, while spending Sunday night in Chiang Mai to stock up on snacks, shop in the Sunday night market, and relax.

You will join the Loop Abroad group at the Elephant Nature Park each week, which means that you’ll meet new people each week. Because you will be at the park for a longer time, you may get more involved in certain on-going projects. Although there will be a group schedule and volunteer itinerary for you to follow each week, you can help to shape the experience to your interests.

Staying at the Elephant Nature Park for an extra week gives you a real chance to make it feel like home. Get to know the elephants. Talk with the mahouts. This is the perfect opportunity to practice learning Thai, work on an independent art project, volunteer at the dog shelter on the property, collect tons of service hours or animal experience hours, or just have the experience of a lifetime. It's really what you make it!

You might take this opportunity to design and carry out a research project, write an article for your hometown newspaper, become a better photographer, or any number of other independent projects. If you have an idea, ask us! We will help you and support you in whatever way we can.

This Bonus is more relaxed and less structured than our two-week programs. It is the chance to be truly free and relaxed among some of the world’s most beautiful animals at one of the world’s most amazing animal sanctuaries.

The Elephant Bonus Week makes a great addition to any program, but may be of particular interest for Veterinary Service Program students who want more time interacting with these large animals. While you will not necessarily have a Loop Abroad veterinarian with you during this add-on, you will still be able to talk with and learn from the vets and staff at the ENP. With almost 500 dogs, over 100 cats, and buffalo, pigs, parrots, chickens, and many other animals on the property, there is a great chance for immersion experience in a wonderful and once-in-a-lifetime setting.