At Loop Abroad, we expect a lot from our students, so we also demand the best from our staff. We are proud to offer an elite, experienced faculty. Our goal is to bring students an authentic travel experience rooted in curriculum and worthwhile activities and enhanced by leadership, cultural, and service experiences. We want students to return from their study abroad experience with a better understanding of the world and their roles as leaders in their own lives. One of the ways we do that is by surrounding them with successful, interesting, encouraging faculty and staff.

Addam Stine
Jane Cassie in Cambodia at SCAO
Jane Stine, JD, Ed.M.
Erica Ward, DVM
Taylor Cantril
Dr. Hay
Sunny Reed, M.Ed
Adrienne Supino
Krista Andberg, LICSW
Visiting the Karen hill tribe
Krissana "Aum" Phitakkajorn
Tour guide in the Thai Jungle
Sarayuth "Noom" Buatoom
Chakkrapong "Jack" Chaiyakarn
Dr. Alli Peterson
Dr. Amanda Guthrie
Lori Bidwell, DVM, DACVA
Dr. Ruth Parkin
Loop Abroad Veterinarian
Dr. Hannah Tadros
Dr. Hannah Findlay
Dr. Charlotte Tusler
Dr. Rebekah Kane
Dr. Heather Matthew
Dr. Cecile Mercado
Christian Woelfel
Theresa Aller
Juan Carvajal
Jordan Carbary
Courtney Bartels
Noosha Kohandarvish
Allison Brennan
Matt Liang
Dr. Samantha Lieberman
Stephanie Anastasi
Dr. Lindsay Church
Emily Pahl
Stephanie Rubino
Amanda Lewis
Dr. Sarah Flipse-Ryan
Dr. Deborah Thomson
Hailie Huggins
Kennedy Resendiz
Dr. Cedar Pieprzyk
D'Jeane Peters
Dr. Lisa Gartland
Cassandra Brown
Dr. Kristina Perez
Alyson Inouye
Rachel Rees