trying jackfruit in Hoi YaFlight Details
We will fly as a group from New York. Our priority is finding a good, affordable flight on a reputable airline. As flight availability changes each year, so does our choice of airport and airline. We usually fly from JFK, but may also fly from LaGuardia or Newark.

The group will meet their flight team at the airport at least two hours before the flight departs. Students are responsible for their own travel to the airport. You are welcome to travel to New York with your child to meet the flight team, or to have your student travel on his or her own to New York. You will receive more information about flight day details as travel time approaches.

For high school groups, there will be a Loop Abroad staff member on board the flight. College groups and older may not have a staff member on the flight, but will have staff at the departure airport to assist them in meeting their group, checking in for their flight, and knowing everything they need to know for the trip.

After the trip, students will return to the airport in New York, where a Loop Abroad staff member will meet them. From there, they are responsible for their own travel home. You may pick them up at the airport, or they may fly home on their own.

On occasion, when a flight leaves early in the morning or arrives late at night, out-of-state students might find they have to stay overnight in the New York area. We can help students arrange and share hotel rooms in this situation, and will put a Loop Abroad staff member in the hotel for the evening as well for your convenience. Students are responsible for paying for their own hotel rooms if this is the case, and sharing rooms is a great way to help defray this cost.

Paying for Flights
Flight information will become available in November. At that time, flights will be reserved and families will be notified that they are to book their flights directly with the airline or agent. All your flight information will be provided to you, and you’ll be able to book over the phone or online with a credit card.

Group Flight
We ask that all students coming from the US fly on the group flight. We often have parents request that their student fly on a separate itinerary, either because they want to book the flight with miles or because they have found a shorter itinerary from their home destination. While we can accommodate such requests, we strongly encourage students to fly on the group itinerary.

Students flying on their own itinerary and not on the group flight will be responsible for a $150 fee in each direction. This fee allows them to arrive or depart within 24 hours of the group flight, be picked up and/or dropped off by Loop Abroad staff, and have all housing and meals provided during that time. For details, please email

If a student flying alone gets delayed or his or her flight gets canceled, there is nothing we can do to help them. With layovers, one canceled flight could leave a student stranded in an unknown airport alone. In addition, flight day is the students’ chance to meet one another and bond as a group. Students who fly alone miss out on this important bonding experience. We encourage students to fly with the group if possible, as over 95% of our students choose to do.