Fundraising and Financial Aid

Loop Abroad offers need-based financial aid of up to $1,000 per student for our summer programs. Any applicant with household annual income under $100,000 can apply. If your family income is over $100,000 but you have special circumstances we'd like to consider, please contact us at

While making a donation page on a fundraising site like GoFundMe can be a great way to attract attention and share your cause, it can also mean that 8% of your donations go toward the fees charged by the site. If you want, you can (instead or in addition) share this page, where friends and family can donate directly toward your tuition and 100% of the amount they donate will be credited to your tuition.

If you are a college or university student who receives federal loans, you can use those loans to pay for your Loop Abroad program if you are receiving college credit for your participation. For more information on receiving credit here. Federal student loans, sometimes called Direct Loans, Stafford Loans, or Perkins Loans, can be used to pay for education-related expenses, including "reasonable costs associated with a study abroad program approved for credit at the student's home institution."

Even if you are not receiving loans, or are unable to use them for your Loop program, you should talk to your financial aid office or study abroad office about other possible sources of funding that are available, including grants and scholarships.

We suggest that you download our fundraising guide to learn how you can raise the funds for your tuition and travel! The Fundraising Guide will help you figure out how to get started and give you suggestions of fundraisers that have worked for our students in the past. And if we can help in any way, just let us know! If you need help coming up with a fundraising plan, please reach out and we'll help however we can. The majority of Loop Abroad students fundraise to pay for some or even all of their tuition.

We offer our students' favorite Thai pants as a great fundraising option through Animal Kind Clothing. These pants are a market favorite in Thailand that have become hugely popular in the US! Ours are made by women in Chiang Mai who are now able to provide for their families, and each purchase helps to fund Loop Abroad's financial aid. You can earn up to $10 a pair selling Animal Kind pants - so selling 100 pairs on through your club, campus, or community would raise $1,000 toward your tuition!

By Paige F., Alumna
By Jordan S., Alumna
by Jen C., Becker College