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TravellersQuest listed Loop Abroad as one of the Best High School Volunteer Abroad Programs and Opportunities. Read the review here.

The Dodo shares a story about Elephant Nature Park and Loop Abroad. Read the full story here.

Loop Abroad has worked with the Elephant Nature Park since 2009, and our staff and students are lucky to have gotten to know many of the elephants there very closely. When one of the elephants passes on from old age, it's a big deal for our staff and students. This story shares some of those feelings as we said goodbye to an old friend.

The Washington Post shares Loop Abroad student Stephanie Rubino's travel story. "Rubino spent two weeks volunteering at animal rescue sites in Thailand. One was an elephant sanctuary 71 elephants call home. “A lot of them had different wounds for being in the trekking camps they had been rescued from and the logging industry,” she said. “There were some elephants who had severe foot injuries from stepping on a land mine.” Many African and Asian cultures admire elephants for their strength and wisdom. They’re also a common sight in Thailand. “Elephants are ... everywhere and are respected, even though they’re not treated very well,” Rubino said. Other than cleaning foot injuries, she prepared meals and medicine for the elephants and cleaned up after them. The trip was part of a study abroad program Rubino applied for. She learned about the chance to study in Thailand in summer 2015 when she saw an advertisement for Loop Abroad on Facebook. Loop Abroad aims to teach students about ecology and animal conservation by allowing them to work alongside veterinarians." Read the full story here.

You can also read about Stephanie's Loop Abroad trip in The Washington Times.

The Worcester Magazine writes about the excellent ongoing relationship between Loop Abroad and Becker College students. Jennifer Colangelo, a junior at Becker, shared her experience with Loop Abroad. "'Becker is a very hands-on clinical technical skills school, and it was awesome to apply that overseas.' According to Colangelo, students who participate in the two week externship receive 80 hours towards their internship or externship requirement." Read the full story here.

The Milford Chronicle talked to Loop Abroad alum Katelyn Meadows about her experience in Thailand. Of her trip Katelyn said that without Loop Abroad, "I would not have gotten to experience Thailand like I did. Thank you, Loop! I went to take in the culture and learn how the people respond to animals around them. I loved Thailand and wish to revisit many more times." Read the full story here.

Loop Abroad alum Piper Gauthier writes about her experience in The Quad. "This summer I traveled to Chiang Mai, Thailand with the organization Loop Abroad, which is focused on veterinary medicine with cats, dogs and elephants. As an aspiring large animal veterinarian, this program was right up my alley. Fortunately, I received a study abroad scholarship from the WCU Alumni Foundation to fund this adventure. Additionally, the assistance of my professor enabled me to receive academic credit for this trip as an independent research project focusing on elephant thermoregulation." Read the full story of Piper's Loop adventure here.

You can read about student Claire Hilton's Loop Abroad journey in The Rapid City Journal here. "It might have been while Claire Hilton was applying salve to a wound on the skin of an elephant that the 16-year-old realized she found her life’s calling. “When I was little, I wanted to be a veterinarian,” Hilton said. “This brought my mind back to that.” Hilton spent two weeks in Thailand this summer, learning the work of a veterinarian through hands-on training. The trip, led by Boston-based Loop Abroad, included travel with a small team of high school and college students who volunteered at a dog shelter and then spent a week working with rescued elephants at an elephant sanctuary. Loop's Veterinary Service Program brings students to Thailand for two weeks to volunteer alongside a staff veterinarian. For one week, students volunteer at the Animal Rescue Kingdom dog shelter in Chiang Mai, Thailand. The shelter is home to more than 100 dogs that have been rescued after being abandoned, beaten, or abused."

The Citrus County Chronicle Online covered Erica Shewbart's High School Veterinary Service trip. "Every day she wakes up with one goal: to become a veterinarian. “I want to be a vet for a zoo or a wildlife sanctuary for large exotic animals,” Shewbart said. “I have known since about 3 years old — I’ve always loved animals.” Upon graduation from Lecanto High Schools International Baccalaureate program this school year, she’s seek to be enrolled in the University of Florida’s College of Veterinary Medicine. This past summer Shewbart followed her interests to Thailand, where she helped animals while learning hands-on what it’s like to be a veterinarian." Read the full story here.

Murray State Pre-vet Club President and senior Vasiliki Wilk's College Veterinary Service experience was profiled in both Racer Nation Information and KYForward. “Two of the great focuses of our Hutson School of Agriculture are experiential learning and global experience. Vasi’s experience with her internship and study abroad in Thailand combined both these opportunities in one,” said Tony Brannon, dean of the Hutson School of Agriculture. “Regularly we offer an international experience opportunity of short duration for our students, and our students have many opportunities for domestic internships, but she went above and beyond and sought out this opportunity for a global internship of extended duration.” Read the full story here and here and here.

The Dinuba Sentinel covered Jacqueline Carter's trip on Loop Abroad's January University Veterinary Service program in Thailand. "At the Animal Rescue Kingdom, the volunteers worked one-on-one with the American veterinarian and the Thai veterinarian. They did blood work, administered shots and monitored anesthesia during spay and neutering surgeries. 'It's really hands on,' said Carter, who had worked only with large animals in the past. She was active in FFA at Dinuba High School and is an animal science major at Reedley College." Read the full story here.

The Register-Guard writes about high school student Jaidyn Zong's experience on Loop Abroad's High School Veterinary Service trip. "Zong, who lives in Springfield, participated in the veterinary service program offered by the Boston-based organization Loop Abroad after seeing an ad on Facebook for the program the year before. Zong received a $1,000 scholarship from the program and had a year to save the remaining several thousand dollars — no small task for a 15-year-old. Zong raised all the money herself by selling pies, holding garage sales, getting a job and anything else she could think of, she said....“It blew my mind,” she said. “We did an elephant walk around the park and it hit me — I was like, ‘You’re here, you’re doing this.’ " Read the full story here.

San Diego State University's The Daily Aztec covered Tori Parker's College Veterinary Service trip. "As a volunteer, Parker was able to feed, bathe and care for the rescued elephants. These elephants were rescued from the brutal trekking, logging or forced breeding programs that persist in areas of Thailand. “Animals don’t have a voice to explain when they’re not feeling well or when they’re sick,” Parker said. “I just want to be that person who could help something that doesn’t have a voice.” Read the full story here.

The Sentinel covered McKenzie Beals' College Veterinary Service trip. "They say that an elephant never forgets. If that’s the case, there’s a couple elephants in Thailand that will never forget McKenzie Beals. Beals, 21, a native of Friend and an animal science major at the University of Nebraska–Lincoln, had the opportunity this July to study in Thailand, volunteering at a dog shelter and an elephant sanctuary. She spent the two weeks traveling with Loop Abroad, a Boston-based program that provides opportunities for students to travel abroad." Read the full story here.

The Save Elephant Foundation talked about its partnership with Loop Abroad. "Save Elephant Foundation has been working with Loop Abroad for over three years, bringing students interested in animal sciences to observe the elephants at Elephant Nature Park and gain an idea of what it is like to work in the field." Read the full story here.

The Press Republican covered Elizabeth Swiesz's High School Veterinary Service trip with Loop Abroad this summer. “I’ve loved elephants since I was a little kid," she said. "It (Loop Abroad page) popped up on my Facebook because one of my friends tagged me in it. We were going down to a softball tournament, and I read the entire website to my family. I said I want to do this so bad. It was all oriented around the elephants helping them and helping kids in the local villages. I love that type of stuff, and I love animals." Read the full story here.

The Honors College at the New College of Florida shared the story of University Veterinary Service (winter program) student Stacia Mintner and her trip to Thailand with Loop Abroad. "The second week was spent at the Elephant Nature Park in northern Thailand. 'We did diet studies on one elephant that had been used in logging operations,' she said. 'Most of the animals there were rescues, abused animals formerly owned by loggers, tourism operations or circuses.'

'Three of the elephants we treated had stepped on land mines,' casualties from the conflict in neighboring Myanmar." Read the full story here.

The Augusta Chronicle covered Amy Waycaster's College Veterinary Service trip with Loop Abroad this summer. "The trip confirmed for her that she wants to spend her career in animal conservation and preserving endangered species. "I feel like it really helped me realize that this is what I want to do, that this is what I am passionate about," Waycaster said." Read the full story here.

Findlay University student, Nicole Muehl's experience during her College Veterinary Service trip this summer was covered by The Courier in Northwestern Ohio.

"At the elephant sanctuary, she fed, bathed and cared for rescued elephants while learning about their diagnoses alongside an elephant veterinarian. While volunteering at the dog shelter, Muehl helped provide routine veterinary services such as check-ups, taking and testing blood, administering vaccines, cleaning and treating wounds, and assisting with sterilization surgeries. The program was offered through the Boston-based Loop Abroad, a summer abroad program for high school and college students who love animals.

“I love elephants, so for me to have a chance to go there, I mean, I’ve always wanted to do that. It’s kind of like a bucket list thing for me,” said Muehl, a 21-year-old animal science major with a pre-vet emphasis." Read the full story here.

The Houston Chronicle covered Lydia DeLeon's Thailand 101 trip with Loop Abroad this summer. “’I heard about it back in December,’ she said. ‘But I never really thought much about it, because I didn’t think it was possible for me to go.’ Eventually, she mustered up the courage and passed the idea by her parents and was surprised when they agreed to let her apply. ‘I was shocked,’ she said. ‘I had never been out of the country. Going around the world was a big deal and I had never flown on an airplane either, so it was an bigger deal.’ But she was determined to go, because the program would bring her to the Elephant Nature Park in Chiang Mai, Thailand.” Read the full story here.

The Pitt News covered University of Pittsburgh student Allison Faust's College Veterinary Service trip. "For Allison Faust, hands-on job training is important — so much so that she went all the way to Thailand to get it. Faust, a senior biological sciences major who wants to become a veterinarian, spent two and a half weeks last July in Thailand through a summer study abroad program, Loop Abroad. While in Thailand, Allison volunteered at the Animal Rescue Kingdom as well as at the Elephant Nature Park, a refuge for abused elephants. At ARK, Faust assisted in surgeries on a dog and a cat, and at the ENP, she saw firsthand the horrors of elephant abuse. Faust said the experience was a vital stepping stone on her path to becoming a professional veterinarian. She engaged in service projects — hands-on experience bathing, feeding and caring for elephants and participating in surgical procedures like animal neutering." Read the full story here.

The McPherson Sentinel shared the story of Kansas State University students and their College Veterinary Service trip with Loop Abroad. "This summer, nine students from Kansas State University’s pre-veterinary club, including one from McPherson, spent two weeks in Thailand helping animals and learning hands-on what it’s like to be a veterinarian. Traveling with the Boston-based Loop Abroad, these young ladies volunteered giving care at a dog shelter and then spent a week working directly with rescued elephants at an elephant sanctuary. The students arranged their own private Veterinary Service program through Loop Abroad. The private group was arranged by Samantha Prester, a senior Animal Science Pre-Vet major from Salina." If you are interested in setting up a private group, please get in touch with us! Read the full story here.

The Syracuse University Daily Orange covers SUNY-ESF student Yvonne Lim's experience in the College Veterinary Service program. "Lim said they had to take bucket showers and there was no hot water and added that because of the humidity in Thailand, 'cold showers were a good wake-up call.' Assignments at the park included preparing food for the elephants, bathing them and cleaning up their feces. 'They enjoyed it,' Lim said of the elephant baths, 'but then they would roll in mud right after.' For one assignment, Lim had to monitor the diet of a 70-year-old elephant named Saza, who Lim said 'acted like a cranky old lady. When she got thirsty, she would quickly walk across the field to the hose and I had to chase her,' Lim said. 'It was difficult trying to dodge other elephant herds and water buffalo in order to keep track of her.' Read the full story here

La Lousiane, The Magazine of the University of Louisiana at Lafayette, shared the story of nursing student Jade Descant's trip to Thailand with Loop Abroad. Check out page 18 for the full article!

"Jade Descant’s love of animals led her to Thailand this summer to work with elephants rescued from abusive situations. While volunteering at the 250-acre Elephant Nature Park, a rescue and rehabilitation center in northern Thailand, she cared for a 55-year-old Asian elephant named Jokia (pronounced JoKEE-ah). A one-week encounter made a lasting impression that set the 23-year-old nursing student on a new course."

The Purdue Exponent covered the story of Rachelle Boneff and Lindsey Fenton's trip to Thailand with Loop Abroad. The two Purdue University students participated in the 2015 College Veterinary Service program. "Juniors Rachelle Boneff and Lindsey Fenton decided to go to Thailand to broaden their work experience with exotic animals, such as elephants. Boneff liked how she was able to work with the elephants one-on-one compared to how people work with elephants in the U.S. through barrier nursing. Fenton saw this as a rare opportunity to work with elephants and learn a new culture. “I want to experience all that I can, and learn as much as I can to ensure that I am the best me I can possibly be for my future patients,” Fenton said. While in Thailand, Boneff and Fenton worked with many different dogs at the Animal Rescue Kingdom dog shelter and elephants at the Elephant Nature Park." Read the full story here.

Laura Cortazzo's experience on the College Veterinary Service program was covered by the Yuma Sun and the Murray State University news. Her schools news writes, "When junior Laura Cortazzo learned she had been selected to go to Thailand for part of the summer, her initial thought was 'Awesome! I get to work with elephants!' However, throughout the two weeks, her perspective changed as she realized that the animals were there for a reason." The Yuma Sun quotes Laura, saying, "'I made a lot friends,' Cortazzo said. 'It was like a small community. I loved being part of a team and pushing toward a remarkable outcome.' Read the full stories here and here.

The Dallas Morning News covered Kyndale Chamberlain's participation in the College Veterinary Service program. "'I applied for fun because I didn’t know how many people would apply,' [Kyndale] said. 'I told a couple of the girls about it in my vet tech program.' Chamberlain and LaRock were classmates at Cedar Valley College. Chamberlain applied and secured a place on the trip with the help of scholarships and family support. 'Primarily, we look for a genuine desire to participate and learn during the program, a love for animals, and the ability to be a flexible and supportive team member,' said Loop Abroad managing director Jane Cassie." Read the full story here

You can also read about Kyndale's experience in The Foundation here.

Megan Massey traveled with Loop Abroad in 2015 as a participant in our College Veterinary Service program. Her story was covered in The Houston Home Journal. "'I was so lucky to be accepted into the program,' explained Massey. 'It was my first flight on an airplane and first time I have traveled anywhere outside of the southeastern U.S.' Through Loop Abroad, Massey was a part of a group of students that first went to a rural area of the country where the Elephant Nature Park is located. 'I’ve worked around large animals like horses,' explained Massey, 'but I love elephants.'... During her second week, Massey got to help with dogs and cats at the Animal Rescue Kingdom. 'I got to assist with neutering procedures and even helped with injections and other surgical procedures,' she explained." Read the full story here

Hannah van Severen shares her High School Veterinary Service trip with the Barrie Examiner. "Last April, Hannah van Severen texted her mother at 5 a.m. to announce she had found her calling. Within three months, the 16-year-old Barrie teen was winging her way half-way across the planet for a two-week stint at an elephant rescue sanctuary in Thailand. “I've always loved elephants and always loved travelling so when I saw this ad on Facebook, I knew it was exactly everything I've always wanted to do,” van Severen said. Although the Eastview Secondary School student only stands only four-foot-11, she said she didn't find the two-tonne animals daunting." Read the full story here.

Virginia Tech graduate Alexa Radley saw the story of her Loop Abroad College Veterinary Service trip covered by the Herald-Mail in Maryland. "I learned so much about exotic veterinary medicine as well as elephant husbandry," Radley wrote. "From this experience, I gained more confidence in myself since I stepped out of my comfort zone and went to another country without knowing anyone. I also gained friends, veterinary knowledge and appreciation for another culture." Read the full story here.

You can also read about Alexa's trip in the Hmong Journal here.

Ayanna Ellis spent four weeks in Thailand with Loop Abroad in 2015. The Victoria Advocate covered the story of her trip. Speaking of the elephant abuse she learned about, Ayanna said, "'It's horrible,' the soon-to-be Victoria West senior said. 'It breaks your heart, but it also just makes you angry. I knew people were treating them badly, but I didn't think it was that serious.' That feeling, Ayanna said, inspires her to work harder so one day she is able to give animals, like the ones in Thailand, a better life. Ayanna was one of several students chosen to participate in a summer veterinary internship in Thailand with Loop Abroad." Read the full story here

The Hotchkiss School student Amelia Smith spent two weeks in Thailand with Loop Abroad on our High School Veterinary Service program in 2015. Her story was covered in the Harlem Valley News. "Of her trip, Amelia says, 'My Thailand experience was extremely eye opening. The opportunities that I was exposed to from neutering dogs to trying durian fruit during a Thai snack challenge have made my trip so memorable. I don’t know any other place where I would be able to wake up in the morning and eat breakfast while watching elephants pass by the patio. I have learned so much about myself, veterinary medicine, and Thai culture. It is impossible to return from this trip and not have a passion for animals deeper than what you came with and a will to make a difference.'" Read the full story here

Falmouth, MA resident and recent Smith College graduate Kristen Estes had the story of her 2015 Loop Abroad trip covered by The Enterprise. "Ms. Estes told the story of Jokia, an elephant who worked with an illegal logging business. Thailand outlawed logging in 1989. Many elephants and their mahouts who worked in the industry were left jobless and found their way to shelters or the entertainment industry in circuses and for elephant riding. Jokia was forced to work while pregnant and her baby died. At one point Jokia refused to work and swung her trunk at the owner, who in retaliation blinded her. At the shelter, Jokia is always with another elephant, Mae Perm, who leads her around. All the elephants have a home at the shelter for the rest of their lives." Read the full story here

2015 College Veterinary Service student Lexi Pannepacker's story was shared in the Penn State paper. The article says, "While this Junglebook-esque adventure was educational, Pannepacker had the time of her life experiencing things some only dream about. A highlight of the trip was Pannepacker’s run-in with a pair of elephants at the Elephant Nature Park. Pannepacker and her friends were river tubing on the river that ran through the park. When they approached the exit area, two elephants and their trainers came down into the river near them. 'They told us just to move to one side, and we did.” Pannepacker said. “However, the elephants stopped and looked at us. They trumpeted loudly and began walking quickly towards us. We rushed out of the water up a hill, but the elephants just wanted to play with our tubes!'" Read the full article here.

Cal Poly Pomona features a story on one of its soccer players, Nicole Killigrew, on her Loop Abroad trip to Thailand. Nicole participated in our College Veterinary Service program plus two additional weeks at the Elephant Nature Park in the summer of 2015. You can read the full article here. The Cal Poly Pomona news also covered Nicole's story in detail here.

Marijke Ijff was a student in Loop Abroad's 2015 High School Veterinary Service Program. Her high school, Milton Hershey School, profiled her trip here. “'It was definitely an experience of a lifetime,' Marijke said. 'The trip has taken my experiences from off the farm and into the greater world.' Marijke gained a global perspective during her travels in Thailand by learning how to care for stray cats and dogs at a local shelter performing 'vet rounds' and supporting the veterinarians with basic procedures like cleaning teeth, administering vaccines and collecting samples for research projects. Marijke also spent a week caring for rescued elephants at an elephant sanctuary. 'The experiences I had on the trip were eye-opening and elevated the knowledge I’ve cultivated at Milton Hershey School,' Marijke said." Read the full story here.

The Northwest Indiana Times covers Purdue University pre-vet student Samantha Miller's College Veterinary Service experience. “Miller is a 2013 graduate of Valparaiso High School and has wanted to become a veterinarian since she can remember. ‘After years of involvement within this profession, shadowing veterinarians and being employed at Arbor View Animal Hospital, I’ve come to terms with the fact that is what I’m supposed to do with my life,’ she said. Besides eventually working at a companion animal clinic, Miller hopes to practice internationally with exotic species. ‘I think my trip to Thailand has made me realize that what I really want to do with my career is spend time practicing international veterinary medicine. I think it would be an amazing opportunity and I’m excited to someday get to do this as my career.’” Read the full story here.

You can also read about Samantha Miller's trip on Animal Theory here

Maddie Serpa participated in two Loop Abroad programs in 2015, linking together "High School Veterinary Service" and "Experience Thailand: Elephants and Everything Else". The Record-Bee covered her experience. “It was amazing,” Serpa said. “I got to be up close and personal with elephants and learned how to neuter cats and dogs.” Read the full article here

The Bangor Daily News reports on 2014 Loop Abroad student Hannah Eglinton's trip to Thailand. Hannah spent one month in Thailand with Loop Abroad. Of her trip, Hannah says, “After my incredible experience volunteering at the Elephant Nature Park, I was excited to check out Hope Elephants, an elephant care facility right here in Maine. Despite the cold winters, they are doing an excellent job at caring for their two former circus elephants named Rosie and Opal. I would encourage anyone who is interested in elephant conservation to visit and support Hope Elephants. This entire journey has inspired me to educate people in my community about elephants, a keystone species that is heading to extinction.” Read the full article here.

The Valley News Dispatch reports on 2014 High School Veterinary Service Student Marisa Ciappetta's trip to Thailand with Loop Abroad. "“I lived among elephants, basically' is how Ciappetta described the park. She helped to feed and bathe the elephants, prepare their food and clean the pens where they slept. Sometimes, she would spend a few hours shoveling the sand used on concrete pads to allow older elephants to sleep more comfortably. She was able to observe the mahouts, or people who bond with a particular elephant and remain that elephant's caregiver for life. 'I loved being able to learn about the elephants and seeing hands-on what the vets do with them, being able to ask questions of the vets,' she said. 'I was able to do so much with them. Being able to care for the elephants is awesome.'" Read the full article here.

The Keene Sentinel reports on Megan Ballou's experience as part of the 2014 College Veterinary Service program in Thailand. “I’ve always felt connected more to animals than people, and I want to help them,” Ballou, 20, said this week. “Animals are just so forgiving to you. They don’t speak to you, but you have to figure out what is wrong with them, and when you do, they’re so appreciative.... This is how I want to spend the rest of my life,” Ballou said. “I’ve also got the travel bug now, and want to go everywhere to experience cultures, and help people and animals.” Read the full story here.

Texas newspaper The Victoria Advocate interviewed 2014 Loop Abroad College Veterinary Service student Katelyn Foster about her adventure in Thailand. "A sophomore, Foster said the trip helped her decide she definitely wants to earn a veterinarian degree from Texas A&M University. She could possibly start her own practice or work in another country with a rescue organization, similar to the ones she was introduced to this summer. 'I have never done something so hands on. This really was a once in a lifetime trip,' Foster said. 'If you have the opportunity, you have to go.'" Read the full article here.

Clemson University shares on Facebook: "Sarah Kreutziger: During my summer vacation, I traveled all the way to Chaing Mai, Thailand for a veterinary program. I met girls from all over the world and got to experience authentic Thai culture. I spent the first half of my trip at the Elephant Nature Park, which houses over forty rescue elephants! The second half was spent at the Spicy Thai Hostel. During this time, I got to work with a veterinarian at a dog/cat shelter. I got to help neuter a dog and a cat, draw blood for the first time, administer heartworm tests, give vaccines, and so much more! On our time off, we went shopping, tubing, visited Thai temples, explored underground caves, fed elephants, played with children at a village school, bathed elephants, got Thai massages, ate at a butterfly and orchid garden, went to a cabaret show, hiked up a mountain, swam in a waterfall, and played with tigers! It was such an amazing experience that I’ll never forget."

Sarah also wrote about her experience in Thailand on the Clemson University Conservation of Marine Resources blog. Read her entire post here.

2013 Loop Abroad student Katie Heller is featured in The Houston Chronicle for her participation in Loop Abroad's first High School Veterinary Service group. Katie was a senior at Langham Creek High School at the time of her travels, and part of a six-person group of high school students who volunteered at ARK dog shelter and the Elephant Nature Park alongside Loop Abroad veterinarian Dr. Tadros. Read the full story here.

Cassie PhotoA 2012 Loop Abroad student wrote about some of her favorite moments traveling at the Elephant Nature Park and shared some of her photos on the Teen Travel Talk blog. "The craziest thing about my week was that by the end of it, standing next to the elephants was almost second nature. I highly recommend visiting the Elephant Nature Park if you are ever in Northern Thailand because it is a wonderful moment that will leave you speechless."

high school travel, high school travel programs, teen summer camp, teen camps Jane talks about Loop Abroad in a guest post for the Manhattan GMAT blog. "I love teaching, but I also love to travel. In 2009, I took a year off to travel around the world. And the thought that kept returning was, “What would have been different in my life if I’d done this ten years ago? So Loop..."

Jane is the Managing Director and co-founder of Loop Abroad.

This photo from the ENP shows the Ugaz sisters meeting with Lek Chailert, founder of the Elephant Nature Park. Doris and Allie returned to Thailand with Loop Abroad in 2014.

Deerfield Academy student Taran Weeks is featured in Franklin County Reporter for his work with Elephants on a Loop Abroad program. Read the full story here

high school travel, high school travel programs, teen summer camp, teen camps Our 2011 visit to Dokmai Gardens featured on their official blog. "Today we had the honour of receiving nine students and their four teachers from Loop Abroad. These American high school students focus on tropical ecology and they were particularly interested in the Orchid Ark. We spent a couple of hours of fun, pollinating orchids and strolling in the garden chatting about many different tropical organisms; ants, fruits, trees, wild boar…"

high school travel. high school travel programs, teen summer camp, teen camp As featured in a New Hampshire Patch, "Madison and the rest of the students lived in the city of Chiang Mai and filled their days with cultural and environmental experiences, including an overnight trek and a visit to a tiger sanctuary to interact with baby tigers and discuss the pros and cons of different models of conservation...

Maddie's story was also picked up by the SeaCoast. Read the full story here.

high school travel, high school travel programs, teen summer camp, teen camp Addam and Jane at Emma Willard summer fair, " Yesterday in Kellas Foyer Ms. Mossop hosted a Summer Fair where different summer or off-campus semester groups came and set up an information table to talk about their programs...

2011 and 2012 Loop Abroad student Nathan Youssef, who traveled to both Thailand and Cambodia with Loop Abroad, took his experience to heart. Over the two years after his second trip, he wrote a book on how teens can contribute and give back to their communities, donating all proceeds to the Elephant Nature Park. You can read more about his book here.

high school travel, high school travel programs, teen summer camp, teen camp Maddi made the news at her school. Maddi spent her time feeding, bathing and providing medical care for the elephants and was selected for a special volunteer team, which provided round-the-clock care for an abandoned week-old baby elephant...

Maddi traveled to Thailand again with Loop Abroad in 2013 as part of the High School Veterinary Service program, working in the ARK dog shelter and at the Elephant Nature Park for two weeks alongside Loop Abroad veterinarian Dr. Tadros.

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