Loop Students

Loop offers programs for both high school students, college students, young adults, and veterinary school students. Our students are generally evenly spread over the age range of each program. Graduating high school seniors are welcome to apply to either high school or college programs, and would not be out of place in either group. All Loop Abroad programs are open to both male and female students, although we generally have about 90% female students.

Most Loop students are kindhearted people with a genuine interest in helping animals and seeing the world. They generally do well in school and enjoy participating in a variety of activities. Our students come from all over the US and Canada (last year we had students from 47 states) and some come from other countries as well. Students of any citizenship are welcome to apply.

You can get to know a few of our Loop Abroad student representatives here.

Over the last eight years, we have had group after group of excellent, smart, caring students who’ve formed some amazing friendships during their programs. Our students come from public and private schools, big and small schools, cities and small towns. We have students who’ve traveled all over the globe, and students for whom this is their first time on an airplane. We have students who fundraise for their entire trip, and students who have three trips planned in one summer. We have students who come with a friend or sibling, and students who know no one when they arrive at the airport. We have seen that none of these factors make much of a difference in the student experience, and that our students are able to build a cohesive group based on their shared adventure.

If you are wondering how your child will fit in with the Loop Abroad group, please give us a call or send us an email. We’d love to talk about the group and address any concerns you may have.