Managing Director

Jane Stine, JD, Ed.M.

Jane is the co-founder of Loop Abroad. Her teaching experience is diverse, from college economics to high school mathematics to middle-school arts programs to college and graduate school admissions. She spends her non-Loop time teaching standardized tests, helping students get into the colleges of their dreams, writing about math, traveling, and taking care of her son Max and Winnie, the world's worst dog.

Before Loop Abroad, Jane served as a Program Director for high-school student national leadership conferences in Washington DC, Chicago and Boston. She designed Loop Abroad's curriculum while earning her Masters of Education at Harvard University and has consulted on and helped to design leadership curricula for college and high school programs around the world.

Jane has traveled to sixty-four countries and all seven continents, including years of travel and living in Southeast Asia. She has volunteered at schools and met with teachers in Fiji, Thailand, Hong Kong, Cambodia, Laos, Vietnam, Burma, Costa Rica, Brazil, and South Africa. In addition to short teaching stints in both Cambodia and Vietnam, Jane spent two months living in a rural village outside of Kathmandu, Nepal, teaching English at the Yungamahama English School in Changunarayan.

Jane has been in Thailand for every Loop Abroad trip, and will be again this summer. With Addam Stine, she heads the operations team at Loop Abroad. You can reach Jane at