While we don’t like paperwork any more than you do, it’s important for us to have accurate information about our students and their families so that we can keep them safe and serve them well.

Making a fire balloonApplication
The application for any program can be completed entirely by the student, but your child may need help from you preparing a few things. For a student to apply to any Loop Abroad program, they must provide a transcript. An unofficial transcript copy is fine.

If your child is applying for financial aid, he or she will do so at the same time he or she applies for admission.We ask that students include a copy of their parents’ tax return in their financial aid application if they are claimed as a dependent on those tax returns. College students may use their FAFSA instead. It is perfectly fine to black out personal information in this document.

Once a student is accepted into the program, he or she will receive a packet of information and a packet of paperwork. This paperwork must be completed by the student and, if the student is under 18, his or her parent or guardian. Some of the paperwork needs to be notarized. If you have any questions when completing the required paperwork, we ask that you contact us.

It is extremely important that you complete the paperwork completely and truthfully. Omitting or altering information, particularly about the student’s health, is unsafe. Falsifying information on these forms can result in your child being dismissed from or prohibited from attending his or her program.

Each student will need a passport that is valid for at least six months after their trip ends. That means if your student’s trip ends on July 28th, his or her passport will need to be valid through January 28th of the following year. Any student who has a greencard will also need his or her greencard to travel internationally.

Students traveling on a US passport do not need to pre-arrange visa to travel to Thailand for under 30 days. Students traveling on a non-US passport should check with their national embassy about current visa requirements for their home country.