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Here is just an example of one review left for Loop Abroad by a summer program student:

"All I could think about when filling out the programs review preceding this page was that I wish 11/10 was an option, because that is truly how I would rate every aspect of my experience with loop abroad.

Being an aspiring veterinarian, this trip seemed like the perfect opportunity for me to travel abroad, learn in a hands on environment about veterinary medicine (both domestic and exotic!) and make life long friends, so it's safe to say that going into this adventure I had very high expectations.

Well, it's also safe to say that every single one of those high expectations was exceeded. From before my departure, the staff was extremely friendly and tremendously helpful, the amount of hands of veterinary learning I got to be a part of was outstanding, and the amazing people and animals I met along the way only made the experience 100x better.

I would recommend this trip to anyone with an interest in pursuing veterinary medicine who's looking for a hands on and unique learning experience, but most of all to someone who is looking to have their lives forever changed (FOR THE BETTER!!!) by this extraordinary program. The college veterinary program with loop abroad was easily the best two weeks of my entire life and thanks to loop, do have lifelong memories, knowledge and friends that I will carry with me for a very long time." - Caroline, Loop Abroad College Veterinary Service alum.