Semester Student Reference Form

Please fill in this form to provide a recommendation for a student applying to our Loop Abroad Veterinary Semester Abroad. If you feel uncomfortable providing a reference for this applicant, please contact as soon as possible.

What is the program? Based in Chiang Mai, Thailand, the Veterinary Semester Abroad provides hands-on international veterinary experiences to pre-vets and others seeking clinical animal experience. Students alternate between studying in the classroom and providing care for dogs, cats, elephants, and other animals under the supervision of veterinarians at our partner clinics, shelters, and sanctuaries. Often student work outdoors in the heat and humidity of a tropical climate.

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Demonstrates emotional and social maturity
Is motivated and shows initiative
Works well on a team
Will follow program/hospital rules and take directions
Is comfortable working outdoors
Is comfortable working with animals
Has sufficient animal and biology experience for 300-level pre-veterinary courses

We appreciate your time and insight!