Service Hours

Loop Abroad is a Certifying Organization for the Presidential Service Award. Students completing the required service hours will be awarded with a Presidential Service Award. This award includes a personalized certificate, an official pin, and a congratulatory letter from the President of the United States. (US citizenship is a requirement for receiving the Presidential Service Award.)

Each of our programs awards participants with a certain number of service hours. If students need to hit a higher service hour threshold, we can help them to design a project that they can carry out ahead of time or in the evenings during their trip to meet their service hour requirement.

Thailand 101: 40 service hours
Experience Thailand: Elephants and Everything Else: 40 service hours
High School Veterinary Service: 80 service hours
College Veterinary Service: 80 service hours
Vet School Veterinary Service: 80 service hours
Young Adult Veterinary Service: 80 service hours
Teach to Travel Experience: 60 service hours
Veterinary Service South Africa: 60 service hours
Wild Tropics: 30 service hours

We are always willing to help support our students in any additional projects they want to do to build on what they’ve learned and experienced in Thailand. Many of our past students have used their experience as a stepping stone toward internships, research positions, fundraisers, writing and art projects, and presentations related to helping elephants or developing countries.