Student Recommendation

Thank you for offering to complete a recommendation for an applicant to a Loop Abroad program. Please use the form below in order for us to ensure that, in your opinion, this applicant can safely and successfully complete the program requirements.

Please enter the code that was emailed to you.

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Ability to work on a team
Ability to take direction
Ability to adapt to challenges
Ability to follow program rules
Comfort working with animals
Comfort working outdoors
Level of animal/biology experience
Level of maturity

Do you have any concerns about the applicant's fitness for or ability to participate this program? Programs require working with a team of volunteers from diverse backgrounds in a new setting, including outdoor time in what can be extreme weather conditions, and following directions and safety protocols carefully and willingly.

Please tell us anything else you'd like us to know about the applicant that you think we would find helpful in evaluating his or her application.