Teach to Travel Director

Adrienne Supino

Adrienne caught the travel bug after spending a semester abroad in Brisbane, Australia. After graduating from the University of Richmond in Virginia with a degree in Leadership Studies and Rhetoric & Communication Studies, Adrienne, still plagued by travel fever, decided to try her hand at teaching English.

She moved to Thailand and spent a year there, traveling and teaching in small villages. Despite her love for all things Thai, Adrienne moved back home to Boston where she continued to pursue a career in education at an English language school. She began as the Housing Coordinator for international students and eventually became the Student Services Manager. During that time, she realized that the world isn't so big after all and made a ton of friends from all around the globe with whom she still keeps in touch (and visits when she can).

Five years later, Adrienne decided to take another trip of her own try to improve her Spanish. She quit her job and moved to Cartagena, Colombia where she taught English with a Colombian government organization that offers free vocational training to low-income students.

She spent a year teaching, learning Spanish, and spending her nights dancing to salsa music with her friends, and then she returned to Boston again. After some careful consideration, she decided to continue teaching in the US public school system and became a MA certified ELL (English Language Learner) teacher. She is currently teaching at a K-8 school in Everett, MA.

Last summer, Adrienne started teaching TEFL with Loop Abroad and is glad to be returning this summer to one her favorite countries with a bunch of students who share her love and passion for education. In addition to traveling, Adrienne also enjoys practicing yoga, learning new things (like Spanish), cooking, and eating.