Dr. Heather Matthew

Dr. Heather Matthew graduated with a bachelor of Equine Science from Colorado State University in 2005 and received her Doctorate of Veterinary Medicine from Texas A&M in 2009.

She has ventured into different fields of small animal medicine throughout her career, including daytime general, shelter/rescue work and emergency critical care in Nevada, Colorado and California. Her love and experience of exotic animals started with volunteering at a wildlife rescue in high school and continued with other volunteer opportunities including a summer spent at the Honolulu Zoo in Waikiki.

She is currently working as a full-time emergency veterinarian in Southern California. Her professional life has allowed her to explore many areas of veterinary medicine and she is grateful for a career that allows such flexibility, unique opportunity and continuous challenge.

Travel and animals are Dr. Matthew’s true passions in life and she seizes any opportunity to combine these two loves. Her introduction to traveling abroad began when her family moved to the Netherlands at a young age and she had the amazing opportunity to grow up exploring most of Europe. She has also traveled to Egypt, Jerusalem, Canada, Mexico, Costa Rica, Argentina, Uruguay and Chile.

Dr. Matthew appreciates the personal and spiritual growth that comes with learning different cultures, history, meeting people and trying new food! She cherishes the soul connections that can happen when meeting fellow travelers, adventure seekers and animal lovers.

Outside of work and travel, Dr. Matthew enjoys reading, dancing, horse riding, camping, quality time with the pooches and learning/trying new things.