Dr. Lisa Gartland

Dr. Lisa Gartland grew up in the rural parts of the Upper Peninsula of Michigan where her love for the outdoors and animals was nurtured. She ventured off to college on a softball scholarship at Lewis University outside of Chicago, IL and eventually went on to veterinary school at Michigan State University where she graduated with her DVM in 2013.

She currently resides in Denver, CO where she practices as a companion animal veterinarian and volunteers at a local animal shelter. During her years of study her love for travel was combined with her passion for animals which brought her to many places including being an intern at the Oregon Zoo, mission trips to Honduras, and a wildlife externship to South Africa. She is excited to share her knowledge and experiences while traveling with Loop Abroad.

Dr. Gartland’s love for the outdoors is a perfect match for the Rocky Mountains where she enjoys biking, skiing, and hiking. She currently has two rescue cats named Febe and Oscar.