A TEFL certificate is the key to unlocking a world of travel and work opportunities.

All over Asia, South America, and the whole world, schools are looking for English speakers who know how to teach English. With both a college degree and a TEFL certificate, you can prove that you have the skills necessary to help international students learn English. You'll find that a TEFL certificate opens the door to thousands of job opportunities that can give you the chance to live and travel abroad.

While you can earn a TEFL certificate online, most schools understand the quality difference. Think about it from their perspective. Would you rather hire someone who spent a few hours online clicking through PDFs, or someone who you know has had experience working and teaching in a foreign country? When employers see an in-person TEFL certificate earned in another country with hands-on teaching experience, they know that they're getting someone who is ready for the unique challenge of teaching English abroad!

So if you aren't sure what you want to do after college but think that you might like to spend some time living and traveling abroad, a TEFL certification is a great investment in your future. And of course, if you know that you want to build a career in teaching, whether abroad or at home, in-class teaching experience is invaluable, both for your future and your resume.